Research Profile

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at MIT, focusing on the spatial-temporal heterogeneity of human-technology interactions. I am particularly interested in the intersection of the energy, mobility, and building sectors in the context of climate change and digitalization. My interdisciplinary research connects engineering, data science, urban design, and social science. I use a variety of methods from these disciplines, e.g., agent-based modeling, geospatial data analyses, choice experiments, and interviews. By leveraging high-resolution spatial data, I work to provide nuanced decision support for industry and policymaking to enable synergies across sectors and foster sustainable living. I have attracted over 220,000 USD in research grants and fellowships, including from the Swiss National Science Foundation. I am passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion inside and outside of the research community through mentorship, teaching, and outreach.


My work has investigated how to support the adoption and integration of low-carbon technologies with focus on sector coupling and the spatial-temporal heterogeneity of urban electrification. I examined the adoption of heat pumps and the integration of electric vehicles into different electricity grid contexts with emphasis on (future) mobility and charging behavior as well as controlled charging strategies and vehicle-to-grid.

As I aim to support the knowledge transfer between academia, industry, policy, and the public, my publications include peer-reviewed journal articles, practitioner articles, and blog posts.

Scientific Conference Contributions

I enjoy exchanging ideas about sustainable human-technology systems with colleagues across different countries and backgrounds. I seek to engage with communities across fields, including transport and mobility; energy systems; urban design; technology innovation; and sustainability transitions.


Besides invited presentations at scientific seminars, I regularly speak at industry and policy conferences/seminars, co-lead workshops with different stakeholders, and have been a podcast guest.

Advising and Teaching

One of my passions is to engage with students from various backgrounds, including different engineering disciplines, natural sciences, and social science. I particularly enjoy developing student research projects and discussing them in weekly one-on-one meetings. From undergraduate to graduate courses and from large lectures to small seminars, I find discussions with students inspiring and seek to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on pressing societal challenges, such as climate change. I have implemented innovative teaching methods, e.g., peer assessment and the Six Sentence Argument (6SA), and developed online teaching videos.